My favorite music production tutorial channels on YouTube

A list of my favorite teachers

Since starting the Everyone Plays the Same Song project, I've done significantly more work with Ableton live. I've binged a lot of fantastic educational content on YouTube, and wanted to share some of my favorites.

Some of the following is Ableton specific, but much of it is general music production theory.

In The Mix -

This channel does a wonderful job explaining key music theory concepts. The below video got me to finally understand what compression does. The guy also has a lovely accent, which makes the tutorials additionally pleasing.

The House of Kush -

The dude gives production software agnostic production tips that are truly gold. He focuses much more on concepts and theory. Practicing his teachings has greatly improved my mixes.

You Suck at Producing -

The instructor is a musician who goes by Underbelly. His lessons come with a large dose of vulgar comedy, which keeps the technical Ableton Live instruction entertaining if you can stomach it.

Andrew Huang -

Andrew Huang is a musician and an incredibly generous Ableton Live instructor - though a lot of his teachings could be applied to other Digital Audio Workstations. Andrew puts out a ton of content, and I'm always learning something new.

Cloudchord -

As a guitar player and Ableton Live user, lessons from Cloudchord are right up my alley. He provides instruction on how to make your guitar shine using Ableton live, as well as releasing beautiful and impressive guitar tracks of his own.

Hope this helps!