Everyone Plays the Same Song

A fun and educational covers project

Project Details

I present, Everyone Plays the Same Song - a covers project. The way it works is simple - all participants record covers of the same song. The covers are then compiled, and we can enjoy comparing everyone's take.

The purpose of this project is to promote musical education, practice and community -

How Signup Works -

If you want to participate, fill out the submission form with your name, email address and at least one song you'd like to cover.

How Song Selection Works -

After song submission closes, all participants will fill out of poll with all submitted songs and their corresponding youtube links to listen to. Participants will rate the songs 1 to 5 on a scale of "Definitely don't want to cover" to "I'm super down to cover this song." Voting a 1 vetos the song - which is a valid move if you don't see the song as technically possible for you as a musician to pull off. The survey will also include the question "In how many weeks should our cover submissions be due?"

Once results are in, we'll strive to make the most fair selection via the following rules -

  • If there is a clear favorite that hasn't been vetoed, then that song will be chosen.
  • If there are multiple popular songs without vetos, we will randomly choose one of them.
  • If there are no obvious winners, we will discuss as participants how to move forward - allowing discussion of current submissions as well as opening the pool back up for new songs.

    Vote Rubric

    Vote Significance
    1 Absolutely not
    2 I'd rather not
    3 Sure
    4 I'd like to cover this
    5 I'd REALLY like to cover this

How Song Submission works -

We'll decide on a deadline, and all participants will submit a link to their cover on soundcloud by that deadline. I'll then publish a playlist with everyone's versions, which we'll all listen to together at a post-submission listening party.

Thanks for being involved,