The tech behind this website

What it's built on and how it works

Front End - Frameworks and styles -

Gridsome - Static site generation

Gridsome is a static site generator that generates static html based on the presence of blog content - in my case markdown files. I have a folder called blog/ to which I point my gridsome.config file, and basically say "Generate a page per file in this per markdown file in this folder". This is valuable because every time I want to write a new post, I just write it and put it in the right place, and gridsome generates the file on next build.

I've used Gatsby in the past, which does the same thing that Gridsome does with React instead of Vue. I've found Gridsome to be considerably more straight forward.

Vue JS

Vue.js is a javascript framework, used mostly for building single page applications. Gridsome sits on top of Vue.js, and instead of building into a single page application, it generates the html for each page. / Pixelarity /

HTML5up and Pixelarity provide the same beautiful html/css layouts - one on a free license and one on a subscription basis without the free license requirements attached.

What I love about these templates, aside from how great they look, is that there's very little javascript in the templates. This makes them very easy to pop into a vue/react etc project.

SVG Background from

My background is generated on, which has a fun and easy to use interface to generate fun custom backgrounds. The format is in SVG, which the browser natively compiles, so you end up with a code string to plug in as your background image, instead of an image file.

Their backgrounds are free, as long as you mention them on the site you on which you use it. There is also a premium plan, for premium backgrounds.

Hosting and Deployment -


Github is the world most popular place to store and collaborate on code. I won't go too deep into Github, but it allows me to save my code remotely, as well as provide other applications access to it.


Netlify is a wonderful magical service that builds and deploys code for you, for free. You give it permissions to your Github account and a branch of a specific repo , and it rebuilds your website every time your that branch has new code. By default it deploys to a, but you can update the uniquenonsensestring to something more suitable. For example, this site is hosted at, with the DNS settings set to

Namecheap Namecheap is the domain provider through which I manage and purchase my domains.

Content Management

Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS is a user friendly admin UI for creating new posts! I'm using it right now to write this. It's an open source gridsome plugin that you grant access to your github repo, and it commits new markdown files to your github repo on publish.