Organizing Everyone Plays the Same Song

Google Forms + Google Sheets for the win

I put together everyoneplaysthesamesong as an excuse to engage in something with friends remotely, and to use social pressure to force me/us to practice music.

Thanks for Google Forms and Google Sheets, the organization effort was quite simple.

I used two Forms to get information from participants -

  • The signup / cover song submission form
  • The post-submission voting form

I'm not going to get into setting up a Form itself, because it's very straightforward. What I DO want to call out some Google Forms best practices and the Google Sheets integration that's a few clicks away.

Google Forms best practices

  • If you need to respond or send results to the people submitting for the form, make sure to include a mandatory contact information field, be in email, phone number, etc.
  • Each form field will get its own column in google sheets, so be mindful of how your data will be organized once participants have submitted their data.

Google Forms + Google Sheets Integration