JDSB Newsletter - 12/7/2020 - Quick tips to make your resume sing

Weekly JDSB Newsletter - Quick tips to make your resume sing

hey JDSB crew!

Happy December, everyone. I hope you find this happy and healthy, and hungry to code.

Anyone participating in https://adventofcode.com/? Post your experiences in our slack channel!

I'll keep this one short, but I wanted to discuss a few quick tips for make your resume pop.

This is a follow up on last week's newsletter on how to land the first round interview.

I've been doing resume reviews on Slack (feel free to ask for one) and my biggest takeaway is a lot of you are selling yourselves short on your resumes. Remember, the resume (and portfolio) is your key to landing first round interviews. Make sure you're telling a story, and with every bullet point you write, you should be asking yourself how this bullet promotes your narrative. Every bullet that doesn't promote your narrative is a detractor.

Don't discount your non-technical experience. Instead, tell it in a way that builds trust and is in line with what they're looking for.

Focus on your verbs. Take the following verbs for example -

  • Built
  • Communicated
  • Maintained
  • Enhanced
  • Designed

All very applicable words in the day to day of a software developer. They are powerful verbs, regardless what you put behind them. For example -

  • Enhanced customer experience at office front desk through attention to detail and feedback from customers.
  • Communicated systematically to managers and key stakeholders on project progress.
  • Designed brochure layout used for company sales material.
  • Built widget tracking spreadsheet used by division peers.
  • Maintained warehouse cleanliness and regulatory standards.

None of the above bullets pertain to writing code, but all of them demonstrate an aptitude that a software team is looking for. You focus on customer needs? You perform maintenance to ensure quality? You built something that others use? You designed and published something used by others? You're comfortable openly communicating milestones?

Great, let's talk.