JDSB Newsletter - 1/4/2021 - Happy New Year!

Weekly JDSB Newletter

Good evening, JDSBRiders!

I hope you all had a safe and healthy New Year, and let me be the first (lol) to welcome you to 2021.

Before going into my shpiel, allow me to offer a few suggested readings from otherJDSBcommunity members:

Ian Peterson - Slaying The Dragon: Breaking Into Tech, Finally!

Cody Dupuis -Intro to SQL

John Souza -Meaningful Coding Project

Have writing you'd like me to share over these email blasts? Let me know!

Now, here are some of my thoughts on building and leveraging foundational code.


The cool thing about code is, when it's done right, it scales profoundly. When we write code, we're building on the foundational work that the development community has already built. This is a case for building your own tools on top of the tools already built. When we build and share our own libraries, we're giving ourselves and others leverage.

To use a concrete example, today at work I needed to mock an asynchronous request response for front-end unit test. I didn't know how to do this, so I searched the code base and found an example of exactly what I needed. Because the code was organized well, I was given the leverage of not having to investigate this syntax again and needing to write it from scratch.

A much better example - I have a deployed instance of Django that has a service that talks to Google Sheets. Every time I want to access something from Google Sheets, I import the service, provide the necessary details and I'm off to the races. The initial implementation of the service took time, but afterward I can use it as I please!

When you name things explicitly and encapsulate appropriately, the code you build serves as a foundation for more and better code. When done with care, it's nothing but an upward spiral.

Happy building and Happy New Year,