I'm back on Twitter!

Refreshing my twitter account after 5+ years of dormancy

I am at @Natetheperson on Twitter. I had posted semiregularly on twitter between 2011 and 2014, after which point I completely dropped it.

Reason for Jumping Back On

I noticed there was an error on the ridehome.info website, which is the website for two of my favorite podcasts - the Techmeme Ride Home and Coronavirus Morning Report - and wanted to report it. The host always mentions his twitter handle for contact purposes, so I jumped back on twitter to pass along the issue I found. In general, it seems like a good place to post tech related questions and thoughts.

Revamping my Twitter

Before I could feel comfortable with my twitter account, I needed to revamp it. When I stopped using Twitter, I'd just finished working for a college marketing startup. This is what my twitter looked like when I logged back in.

For the revamp I -

  1. Archived all my old tweets.
  2. Used Tweet Delete to delete all my old tweets.
  3. Updated my profile and cover photos.

And now my twitter is basically brand new! Time to unfollow all the stuff I no longer care about.

On twitter? Hit me up at @Natetheperson!