Everyone Plays the Same Song - Round 2

The second round of the community covers project

A year as a Software Engineer

A crude list of what I've learned

Everyone Plays the Same Song - Round 1

The details and data points of our first go at Everyone Plays the Same Song

Everyone Plays the Same Song

A fun and educational covers project

I'm back on Twitter!

Refreshing my twitter account after 5+ years of dormancy

Guitar Education - Improvising on Mode Shapes

How to teach myself to know exactly where I am at all times on the neck...I hope...?

JPG Light Value Analysis with Python, PIL and MatPlotLib

Building a Histogram to analyze the light values of an image

Adding Next and Previous post link to the blog

A seemingly hacky way to handle pagination

The tech behind this website

What it's built on and how it works

Playing chords with Mido and Python

Playing something that actually sounds musical

Generating a midi music stream with Python

using python package Mido to send midi information to midi player - an introduction